Your goals will keep you running when your mind tells you to stop

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Training with a goal in mind is important to have a correct mindset and make your body ready for the activity.

Knowing your goals clearly, will make the difference in your training schedule and races, as it will keep your motivation high and enable you to give your maximum effort in each instance.

Running is a constant battle between you and your mind. Once you have a good fitness foundation, itโ€™s time to train your mental toughness, and having goals makes the difference between quitting and keeping a constant performance that leads to continuous improvement.

There are two basic types of goals

  • short term and
  • long term goals.

Short term goals regulate your daily training. You have to always have one that helps you know when you are done for that day. When you start to struggle and overthink, listen to your body shouting its desire for you to stop. Then your long term goal enters the game. It reminds you why are you there, why you will be proud of yourself at the end of the session and why you will be back there on the following day.

There is always a little of suffering in each physical activity. Your body is inherently lazy as it will naturally want to save your precious energy, but rewards are always greater when you struggle to achieve them.

Have goals, give your maximum in each training, experience the rewards of success as you achieve your plans and cross the finish line.

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    • Your goals will keep you running when your mind tells you to stop

Have a goal when running. It will keep you going when your mind tells you to stop.

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